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10 months ago
I discovered them at the Jack Russel Park Farmers Market and the coffee is AHMAZING! Didn’t get a chance to try one of their donuts as they were sold out, which means that they are obviously good. So hoping to catch them at a time where I can snag one :)
- Ana l
2 years ago
When quality ingredients meet superb taste you find all that Natures Drip has to offer. Victoria has taken attention to detail to the nano level with this brand. Her Donuts are moist and succulent, filling you up with energy for the day. The coffee is out of this world, smooth with exquisite flavor. I can honestly say it is the best coffee and donuts I have ever experienced.
- Taylor S
8 months ago
We hired Nature’s Drip for our 2021 Outdoor Easter Church Service. Wow, what awesome people they were! Very professional and accommodating. They were super easy to work with, affordable and our people loved them and their menu items. We will most definitely partner with them again in the future. Thank you again David and Team!
- Randy D

Immunity Coffee and Unique Doughnuts

~Everything We Serve Benefits You~

Have you ever wished upon a distant star that healthy could taste better? I mean, why does nutrition have to be grassy flavored green goop? Can we just eat sweets and not gain an inch for once? 
Why does sniffing a cookie make me gain 8 pant sizes? uggg... (I just want to live a little and still feel good!)
Are you tired of being tired and bloated after you indulge in sinful sweets? Well, me too! This is how I felt before the breakthrough....
Here I was trying every sweet and coffee combo in the city (my favorite hobby). I would leave just feeling gross and jittery. I was over it. 
So, I went to the kitchen and computer and researched for hours and days and months.... Finally, after much wasted ingredients, a copious amount of tears, like 2 mental breakdowns, (I don't know why I get so passionately involved) and dry, crumbly doughnut hot messes--- BAM! 

(^these are fireworks ^)


*Wait!! Is this possible? Can it be? Is there a new meaning to the word healthy? Is there a doughnut that taste like delicious ‘sin?’ Does it
actually make you feel like you’re in heaven? 
Yes, yes it does…
Now you can enjoy a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth dessert and obtain 40 + vitamins and minerals! Now there is HEAVEN on Earth and your life has just regained momentum! Now there is a cup of coffee and a doughnut that truly gives you purpose, breath, love, joy, peace, amity, goodwill, tranquility, and 40 + health benefits! 
           Well, I don't know about the momentum or purpose etc. part, but what I do know it is time to officially and forever say goodbye...
Adios! Arrivederci! Sayōnara! .....
To bleached, bromated, synthetic, chemical, preservative filled, cancerous ingredients. Time to put that toxic ex behind you!
It's time to lose one self in SWEET life again. 

Here at Nature's Drip everything is Organic, Plant-Based, Vegan, Non-Gmo, Packed full of Nutrition, and made completely from Scratch, annnnd delicious! The doughnuts are stacked and packed with different flavors to savor. They will keeping you full until your next meal. Every ingredient is  scientifically used as energy and never stored as fat. This divine indulgence is something you definitely do not want to miss!

To conclude this rant, every year Amelia Island had/has a dessert competition. I merely showed up to Amelia Island after a kind invite to just advertise my new product. They invited about 20 other local bakeries along with the newbie, organic, plant-based, healthy Nature's Drip and we ended up winning the entire competition. This is mentioned not to toot our own horn, but to just to give validation to the claims above. They are Award-Winning, which must mean they are absolutely delicious, right? 
We won The Desserts of Amelia. It was such an honor and a blessing. 

**How We Are Healthy**

     Here is a little more detail on how we are Vegan, Healthy, and DELICIOUS
First, we start off a Sprouted Flour that is High in dense nutrients. It is miraculously nutritious and healthy all the way down to the nano ingredient. Even in high heat it keeps all the goodness within! We even bake our doughnuts in plant-based doughnut pans so there is no leaching of any chemicals.
Another fantastic thing about Sprouted flour is that it has 47% less gluten than conventional flour. The gluten protein is very, very weak- it digest more like a vegetable! This allows those whom may have a sensitivity to wheat or gluten to easily enjoy our doughnuts! We've even had people with Celiacs enjoy our healthy, unique doughnuts. (We do not recommend it to anyone with Celiac disease! Please enjoy at your own personal discernment.)
Second, all the added ingredients are Organic, the highest quality we can find, and in the rawest form we can find it. We will never compromise on our quality.
Last, we only use glass, stainless steel, plant fibers, and bamboo to cook in and we only serve our products in plant-based, compostable or biodegradable cups and boxes. This eliminates any toxic leeching that may occur. 

~Everything We Serve Truly Benefits You~

 Here is the ingredients in our lovely Doughnuts:

*Sprouted, Vegan, Organic Flour (It is never processed or bleached in any way.)
*Purified Water
*Organic Grape-seed Oil
*Organic Apple Sauce
*One Ingredient Super food, Plant Protein Powder
*Organic Vinegar
*Pure Dutch Chocolate

Doughnut Toppings:

*Organic, Raw, Real, Legit , Fair Trade, Cane Sugar 
(Real, Unbleached, Organic Cane Sugar is high in amino acids and other essential nutrients!)
*Organic, Raw, One Ingredient Super Food

Banana Nibs
Organic Banana
Organic Raw Super food Cacao Nibs 
Organic Raw Cane Sugar

Apple Cinnamon
Organic Apples
Organic Raw Cane Sugar,
Organic Cinnamon

Dutch Chocolate
Organic Alkalized Dutch Processed Chocolate. The Cleanest Chocolate in the World!

Toasted Coconut
Organic Raw Coconut lightly Toasted 

Organic Lavender Buds

That's IT!

Our Immunity, Gourmet Coffee
Our Coffee is hand-picked, organic, from the Chiappas Mountains of Mexico- a fair-trade Farm. They hand select the best beans and than only Roast them when ordered. The beans are max 14 days old by the time it makes it to your cup.
This eliminates the potential for mold and other toxins to grow. (Other beans that sit and sit tend to grow mold and mycotoxins.) 
(Side note: Since our coffee is so fresh with zero toxins- this may help prevent the bloating and bathroom runs! I(t happens to the best of us...) I mean, at least this was my issue for years and years after a cup of coffee until I found this bean...)

Another great benefit our coffee is that it offers IMMUNITY. One of the only coffees in the world that helps build your immune system while you drink it! At this farm they infuse the soil with plants and herbs giving the beans immune-building properties without changing the flavor. This infusion also decreases the natural acid levels in the coffee. To sum it up, our coffee is Organic, Hand-picked, Low-Acid, Immune-Building and brewed in a non-toxic pour over or Steam pressured espresso maker! (Completely stainless steel, Italian style, stove top espresso maker and completely stainless steel and glass pour over.) All of this combined makes this the, smoothest, loveliest, most natural, real, organic, best tasting Coffee you have ever had!
Come see for yourself! We'd Love to have you.

About Our Coffee Add-Ins:

Our Syrups are simply made with:
Organic Spices
Organic Raw Cane Sugar
Purified Water. 

Our Creamers:
Sprouted Oat Milk
Ultra-Purified Water
Sprouted Oats

Nature's Drip Creamy Creation
Organic Cashews
Purified Water
Organic Two ingredient add in... 

This Creamer is incredibly neutral, smooth, and very creamy. It is just like Half and half with Zero nut flavor. 

About Us
Here at Nature's Drip we have more then just quality. We have PURE quality. We are here to give the world options. You can have processed and often delicious food anywhere, but it is hard to find PURE food that taste like it's processed - that taste like straight up guilt. It's hard to find junk food without the junk. Food that feels like it's fattening, but truly burns as energy. Nowadays the words natural, vegan, low-fat, low calorie, organic doesn't always mean healthy. Plant-based/vegan, natural, organic, low fat, low calorie foods can still be processed, fried, full of preservatives, fillers, soy, and other toxic chemicals. Making it very unhealthy, toxic, and cancer causing.
         It took 2 years of research, baking fails, tears, trial and error to finally invent a truly HEALTHY delicious, award-winning Doughnut & Gourmet Coffee treat.

Nature's Drip is the revolution of Sweet Health. 

We look forward to serving you! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text us @ 904-878-4313.

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